Visualizing the State of Our Waters

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Visualizing the health of our waters and their ecosystems can be conceived of in many ways, and it depends for what purpose and for whom this information will exist.
One of the ways we would like to explore, is to be able to visualize water contamination - and our initial instinct was to map the values we can measure on devices we have constructed.
Since then, we have come to a realization that we all visualize and imagine places and states of places very differently - from culture to culture, from a scientific analysis, to emotional rememberance. Mapping is a way to orient and relate oneself.
Here, we are interested in putting together all different aspects of visualizing the state of our waters

States of the Waters

Jeff Walker's Water Quality Primer is a great place to start.

Existing Visualizations

We have a collection of links in delicious. Check out keywords such as maps, mapping, visualization. Here are some on-going selections that feed our inspiration.
If you would like to contribute, please join the wiki.

Visualization and other Sense of Place Projects

  • Breda on my Mind: a project by artist Tess Martin where people are invited to draw a map of their city from memory. The shoot took place at the St. Joost Academy of Art in Breda, Netherlands. (short clip on the making of)
  • Adventures in Data visualization Workshop 2015: a summer workshop dedicated to explorations into the field of data visualization by means of computational technologies and design approaches, using environmental opendatasets. (Ticino, CH) The outcomes as a pdf.
  • Sensory Maps: the site of Kate McLean, an artist and designer, creator of smellmaps. "alternative sensory modes for individual and shared interpretation of place" (her blog).
  • Shape of Singapore River: artist/archivist/cartographer Debbie Ding's 20 illustrations based on collected sketches made by people and what they think the shape of the Singapore River looks like, without making reference to anything else.

Maps and Mapping Projects

Projects with a Social Element

  • SenseCityVity: a Swiss-Mexican project to engage citizens as factors of social change, through the use of mobile tech tools to improve the understanding of socio-urban problems in communities and cities. Funded by the SEED grant, which also funded BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD, the transdisciplinarity and social engagement aspects of this project is very nice.
  • Kota Kita blog entry: Mapping what the poor provide the city. (ID)

Data Visualization and Geolocolization Projects

Infectious Diseases

  • The 1854 Broad Street Cholera Outbreak: John Snow's investigation of the source of the cholera outbreak used mapping.
  • IR mapper: Insecticide resistance mapping of mosquitoes from insecticide studies (WHO susceptibility tests and CDC bottle assays) from data extracted from published articles and reports since 1954. You can also add your own data
  • Malaria Atlas Project: Gates funded quantification to see whether malaria disease control efforts in Africa can be linked to outcomes. Open data, heatmap

Air Quality

Mapping Software


Not Open

Our Efforts

Lifepatch's map includes 360 panoramic photographs.

The interest in stepping back to understand the mapping process inspired a local collaboration at hackuarium - unmapping.