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Tech4Dev International Conference, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-6 June 2014

The UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development hosted by the Cooperation and Development Center (CoDEV) will hold the third International Conference on Technologies for Development and asks "What is Essential?" How to alleviate poverty in this world? Innovative technologies? What is appropriate technology?

See here for Official TECH4DEV homepage.
Hackteria wiki full documentation


Promises and Perils of Open Source Technologies for Development: Can the “Subaltern” Research and Innovate?

Sachiko Hirosue, Denisa Kera, Hermes Huang

Download: [1]

Panel Discussion (Part of the official Conference; 4 June)

TH2-SE02-11 The Openness Paradigm: How Synergies Between Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Open Source Hardware, Open Drug Discovery Approaches Support Development?

Panel Chairs:
Sachiko Hirosue, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Denisa Kera, National University of Singapore

Water Hackathon (Parallel Event; 6, 7 June)

Water Hackathon 6-7 June 2014Open Source Technologies for Rivers, Oceans and Lakes - Explore the Possibilities of Open Hardware for Open Science Projects
co-produced by BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD and

Gabriella Levine Tisch School of the Arts New York University, and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Nur Akbar Arofatullah Lifepatch, UGM


1) Exhibition table at entrance hall of the Swiss Tech Convention Center conference venue

4-6 June, During the whole conference, place to show some prototypes, discuss, welcome people, last minute on-site enrollment etc.
/ setup the day of
At the ground floor of the conference center there will be "poster sessions"

2) Hackathon Lab Space within the Swiss Tech Convention Center conference venue ROOM 3A

6 June 10 am to 5pm / setup the day of

3) hackuarium @ UniverCité 5 Ch. du Closel, 1020 Renens

6 June after 5pm, and full day Saturday 7 June. (24/7 access)
New biohacker space, launched by Luc Henry, Yann Heurtaux

4) Fablab Chene20 Chemin du Chêne 20, 1020 Renens

as needed

In collaboration with:

   UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development
   biodesign for the real world
   Swiss Mechatronic Art Society SGMK
   FABLAB Chene20

With support from:

   Migros Kultur Prozent
   seeed studio
   Swiss National Science Foundation 


   Open Source Hardware Association
   Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0
   Open Hardware

Press and other Documentation


600px-SciDevNet joshua Hacking development.png

RTS-Info: VD: un laboratoire de biologie ouvert à tous prend ses quartiers dans la région lausannoise
SciDevNet: Are robotic snakes ‘essential’ for development? by Joshua Howgego
SciDevNet: Hackers aim to reboot development with DIY mentality by Joshua Howgego


OKFN: Open Science at Tech4Dev 2014, by Jenny Molloy from the Open Knowledge Foundation by Jenny Molloy
DIYbio Singapore goes to Switzerland Water Hackathon in EPFL
hackteria reviews waterhackathon
UNESCO Tech4Dev OpenQRS in the Openness Paradigm Panel by Kate Ettinger


Instructables: Augmented Water by tamberg
Flickr EPFL waterhackathon set by Gabriella
Video on univercité site
[Video by GaudiLabs]