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This is a suggested Project Template for the documentation of your project.

Work in progress

Abstract poetry with cybernetics and bioengineered organisms. Workmaster at HEAD in collaboration with BIODESIGN. Tutors: Daniel Sciboz and Sachiko Hirosue. Student: Vanessa Lorenzo.

Motivation of the Project / Background Information

In the age of the Anthropocene, we have a selective cultural ignorance - of the social, political, economical activities on the environment. Since the beginning of industrialization in the XIX century, nature doesn't fit in our idea of "progress". We trade with alienated nature which is removed from their original world and turned into resources like future assets to feed the machinery of economical system. Technology has evolved and contributed to the replication of the same thing, disentangled ecosystems that tend to proliferate and collapse compromising the livability on the planet.


How biomedia can contribute to the awareness of the Anthropocene? How can it make it visible the effect of our tradings into our disentangled landscapes? What remains and emerges from this environments? (third nature?) Simulation. Data interaction. Correlation. Awareness.

Obstacles / What needs to be done / Where we need help

  • Get data about the economic activity from the selected landscapes (Switzerland and global scale)

(Sound as data gathering? Sound as feedback? rethink or think about further possibilities of interaction with data)

  • Connect it to the "release button" of our bioreporter, the more data about economic activity, the more signal and measurements we will have from it.

Obstacle or not: time scale. As it is not a scientific test, time evolving reporter can be used as the "timeline of trading" --> this leads to "recovery" option.

  • This data will alter the media ecosystem. How? Electronics, pumps, water containers, tubes, purified water and "contaminated water". Contaminate a central "pond"/container? Cicle? After the "simulation", alienated landscape remains dirty?

Data from WHERE, WHO, WHAT? Trading? Internet activity, twitter or #hashtag ?

Materials and Methods

Analisis of disentangled spots (biodesign and more) Bioreporter prototype testing Bioassay eGFP Sound recording

Schedule / Timeline

Mars 16, first meeting with tutors Daniel Sciboz and Sachiko Hirosue and master student Vanessa Lorenzo at EPFL 18:30pm. Mars 22, First crit with Daniel, Camille and Felicien --> Acceptable concept, rethink or think about multiple possibilities of "data gathering" apart from sound recording. Make it real. Truthfulness. April 4, informal meeting Sachiko. April 7, Bioreporter prototype construction. April 8, Bioassay with Sachiko April 13, second meeting Daniel, Sachiko, Vanessa at Hackuarium 18:30 pm. April 27, First prototype (connected with data?), second crit and troubleshooting. April 28, Third meeting?

Graphic documentation

Photos bioassay



Literature and References