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Welcome to BioDesign for the Real-World wiki.

BIODESIGN FOR THE REAL WORLD is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research project addressed to arsenic contamination in water. Here is the wiki page where we share our ideas and our advancement in this project.



BIODESIGN for the REAL WORLD is an open collaborative project - we welcome your contributions.
To start a project or to note down an idea, please use this Project Template

To find projects that are looking for collaborators, see the Help Wanted page.


Here, you will find an alphabetized project list of on-going projects.

Project Ideas

Please park any ideas, brainstorming results here.

Active Projects

Bioreporter Detection

A Bioreporter?
GMO Containment in the Field
LSS mOrange
Double Cap Design
Arsenic Detection

Coliform Detection

Tools for Water Analysis

Deep Water Sampler


If you would like to propose an event, please use the template here.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Water Collection Field Trips

Lac de Salanfe and Ottans 2015

Water collection trip with the prototype in a lake draining a former arsenic mine in Valais/Wallis, Switzerland

Bangalore and Surrounding Areas 2014

Big water collection effort by (art)ScienceBLR in Bangalore, India


Equipment and Materials

Other places you can find us

  • EPFL page - This is the EPFL project page for Biodesign for the Real World.

  • lifepatch.org - Lifepatch is a citizens initiative in art, science, and technology based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They are one of the three partners of the Biodesign for the Real World project.
  • The Jogjya River Project - This is the project page in English, of Lifepatch's Jogjya River Project.
  • (art)scienceBLR is based in Bangalore, India and is one of the three partners of the Biodesign for the Real World project.

  • Hackteria - We are part of the greater hackteria network. Hackteria is a webplatform and collection of Open Source Biological Art Projects, as well as an loosely knit globally active network of practitioners who collaborate and contribute to the hackteria projects.
  • Hackuarium - A biohacker space in Renens, Switzerland, where we are part of the community in the Lausanne and surrounding area.