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The project

"Open design of a fixed probe for water quality monitoring in rivers and lakes" is the bachelor project of an EPFL student Nils Bonfils which is done within the Biodesign project and supervised by Robin Scheibler. The goal is to set a fixed measurement station on Sorge river at EPFL. It will collect different water-related and environment-related data and then send them through the internet to a server to be stored there, and then maybe displayed with a web interface. The core of the station is a raspberry pi that will be used to interface with the different components like the temperature probe. The advantages of using raspberry pi in such project is firstly its low power consumption (roughly 2 to 3 W [1] [2]). The there are other advantages like easy backup storage and internet connexion through USB (like usb dongle for 3g/4g) and there also is an ease of use with the ssh connexion which provide a direct inteface to acces the raspberry pi, update the code, etc...

Parameters Measured

These are the parameters that will be mesured by the station. Rpi GPIO

Other parameters related to water

These are parameters related to the project that will not be measured for simplicity sake, but it could be interresting to have them on an upgrade of the project (bigger station, needs to measure other things).

  • ...

Turbidity sensor

Tutorial to connect ADC to raspberry pi [3]

Data Collecting

Data displaying

Battery and power management

  • RPi shield that can schedule shutdown and wakeup Witty Pi
  • Power management: LiPo Rider from SeeedStudio (at hackuarium)


Other examples:


DIY water quality testing platform

Public Lab open water project

(VIDEO)Some guy doing a work pretty similar to mine